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TEST How stretching can help 5

Apr 18, 2024 1 min read

  • by John Doe


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    If you struggle to fall asleep, stretching may help you to do so more quickly. It can also improve blood flow and relieve muscle tension — both of which aid in muscle recovery and sleep quality. The more you can get your body to relax before sleep, the more effective your sleep will be.

    Sleep is the one time your body is at complete rest, when you’re not using any muscles or joints to support yourself.

    Stretching before bed helps your body to relieve muscle tension and prevent sleep-disrupting cramps.

    A study into stretching found that exercises could improve symptoms of insomnia. In the study, the participants performed stretching in 60-minute sessions three times per week for a period of 4 months. The results showed improved sleep quality when stretching in the evening. Benefits of stretching specifically before bed is necessary. However, many studies have linked gentle exercise and stretching with an overall improvement in sleep quality.

    In general, stretching can help:

    • reduce body pain
    • reduce stress and improve mood
    • increase mobility and flexibility
    • improve muscle health and performance
    • reduce the risk of injury
    • promote weight loss
    • improve circulation

    Try these stretches before bed. You should only stretch as much as is comfortable and stop if any stretches cause pain or discomfort.


    There are many benefits to incorporating strength-training into your fitness routine. Being consistent in your workouts will have physical benefits, like building muscle and increasing your endurance, and mental benefits, like improving your confidence and boosting your mood.

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